New addresses from old AOL websites;

As I am sure many of you know, AOL has now closed its FTP service.
Here's a list of old AOL user websites and the address where they has moved to.
Search for the old AOL site in the first column.
(See below) Then click on the link in the second column to visit the new site.

If you had an AOL site and now have a new website, then e-mail me at; if you want to be added to this list.

This list is in the alphabetical order of the old AOL address.
To search for address click on Edit, Find on this page... at the top of your browser or press Ctrl+F and enter the address.
 Old AOL website address; New website address; Website information;  (This website)Free software files and fonts. the common thread with music and peace. American Genealogy detailed look at the horrors of the American Empire Off-line since 2017Winner of 47 educational awards, Geography World lists 86 categories of the top geographical sites on the Net! Forbidden, code error.Hospital Ship USS Repose Home Page. - A simple way to make sinkers with fabric and sand. Page missing, try; computer help plus - Message Board Domain closed down.Disabled Advocates made of Elderly and Non Disabled Disability Advocates Ad... Biography. Books on crypograpth. Book of Secret Code Puzzles etc. joyful, fun, uplifting voyatge with music for all. by Jeremy Jusay. Website off-line since 2017.The Robin Cousins Page. Figure skating (Renaissance man. From Olympic gold, professional championships and TV specials)  (This website)My private site with jokes, puzzles and software to download. Off-line since 2017.Descriptions and design information on Apple II projects. Myeloproliferative Disease Support.   (Business site)http://magicsound.usElectronic Design of embedded micro systems, 32 tracks of digital music...   (Club site)http://NortonClub.comNorthern California Norton (bike) Owners Club. (NCNOC) Domain closed down.Brig Gen Robert L Scott's WW2 airplane Fan Club. and Violin Repair in Ohio, USA. to find Apple & Macintosh oldies! abuse and mind control information. Smith, Original Plus press & The Journal (Once of Contemporary Anglo-Scandinavian Poetry) is a turnaround management firm in interim executive leadership, asset recovery, investing in troubled companies. Computer Support for nearly all flavors of Windows. Since 1998 computer troubleshooting. Antique Typewriter Collector's Web Site featuring Typewriter Memory Lane. of the Underground Watch Organization. Page missing, try; http://noadsfree.comLets Bounce Family Entertainment Palace - We offer worry free birthday parties. We have made many children happy. Fossils and meteorites for sale.
This list is incomplete, so please let me know of any other web sites.Please e-mail me with your website information if you had an AOL site and want to be added here.

Searching for the old AOL site.
When searching for the old AOL site, please remember that,,,,,
are all valid AOL addresses.
So try searching for the AOL screen name only if not found.

The screen name part of the old AOL address can be in any case,
so don't tick 'Match case' when searching for the old AOL address.
( and are both the same address)
    If you can't find the website listed here, try e-mailing them.
    Remove the text up to from the start of the web url and put at the end of the e-mail address.
       Replacing 'ScreenName' with the AOL screen name.

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